Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scrabble Words (With Definitions)

I’m flying home for the holidays and that means I’m going to be goaded into playing at least one or two games of Scrabble against my pretentious brother and his well read wife. Just once I’d like to beat them, can you recommend some good Scrabble words and define them if it’s not too much trouble? – Judith (Fort Bragg, NC)

List Generated:

-Leeoablex – A process a peach undergoes.

-Xzxeoloo – Entomologist term for the timid way insects say hello for the first time.

-Syo – What humans will say in reverence of their mighty World King in 3009 A.A.D.

-Lyii – When 3 or more person gather around a plate of clams.

-Eeeeeeeiiiuu – What the mighty World King replies when greeted with a “Syo”.

-Vuxtab – To purposefully inject a monkey with a highly contagious end game disease.

-Kropduxt – To successfully knock down eight straight 3-pointers when no one is looking.

-Yicku – To be 90% sure of something.

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