Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brian Dennehy Straight To DVD

Recently I was browsing the racks at my local video store and came across a plethora of Brian Dennehy films I had never heard of before, (apparently these never got theatrical release). I'm a huge Dennehy fan, and plan on watching them all at some point, but I was hoping you could recommend which ones I should start with. - Joseph (New Port Richey, FL)

List Generated:

-Special Effects 3

-Hoop Shots

-Mr. Slam Dunk

-Brian Dennehy's Basketball Lessons For Huskies (Volumes 1-14)

-The Red Patent Leather Jacket

-World's Fair 78,893 A.D.

-False Cop


-See If Dennehy's Available: The Brian Dennehy Story

-Grumpy Claus

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