Thursday, December 18, 2008

Term Paper Notes

As a TA for an undergrad class called "Intro To Term Paper Concepts" at the University of Iowa (go Hawkeyes!) I find myself constantly writing the same ineffective notes on all of my students' papers. What would you suggest I write that would compel them in the right direction on their next papers? - Tammy (Iowa City, IA)

List Generated:

-Be more aware of noun usage.

-Sweaters are lovely.

-Concisicize this paragraph.

-Make more grammar here.

-Not sure what you mean by, "creepy sweater people". What makes them "creepy"?

-Happy-up this part.


-Not everyone looks fat in a sweater.

-This part better not be plagiarized, I'll be looking into this.

-I happen to think sweaters with Hawkeyes on them are cute and that wearing a sweater with your school mascot on it shows school spirit. We're not all disaffected youths you know.

-Re-write this in pen.

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