Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obscure X-Men Characters

I'm a casual fan of X-Men, got into the movies first then kind of went back and discovered the comics. Mostly I stick to the issues that prominently feature the characters that I'm familiar with from the movies, are there any cool lesser known characters I'm missing out on? - Rene (Norfolk, NE)

List Generated:

-Fossil (Can sense the presence of fossils)

-Licker (Has tongues growing out of his hands)

-Wolf Irene (Just like Wolverine)

-Glassknee (Turns his own knees into glass)

-Bounce Pass (Court vision)

-Oily (Terrible skin)

-Polaroid (Sweet at math)

-Katerax (Ability to add layers to his eyes)

-Mosh (Appreciates grunge music)

-Elegant (Can wear tuxedo)

-Arby (No powers)

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