Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jim Morrison Biographies

My friends and me just recently discovered The Doors and I am waaaaaaay into these guys. I checked the movie and torrented their entire discography and I’m still hungry for more. There are literally hundreds of Jim Morrison Biographies on the market, will you narrow down the options to the best ones please? – Sammy (Wausau, WI)

List Generated:

-Lizards & Native Americans: The Jim Morrison Story

-Inside The Mind of The Lizard King

-The Boy Who Would Be King of the Lizards: Morrison’s Early Life

-The Morrison of Perception

-Kilmer on Morrison

-The Bathtub Poems: Crappy Poems Jim Morrison Wrote Just Before Faking His Death

-Girl This Couldn’t Get Much Better: An entire 658 page book dedicated to that one Ed Sullivan Show story

-Jim Morrison: Terrible Sophomoric Poetic Voice of the 60’s

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