Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things Suddenly Self Aware Ants Say To Regular Ants

From what I understand, ants are pretty stupid as individuals, but impressively intelligent as a collective. I guess it's called "bottom up" or "emergence" intelligence. Whatever. My question is: If and when one of these ants suddenly becomes self aware of his/her situation, what will he/she try to tell the other ants? - Susan (Olivet, MI)

List Generated:

-Instead of carrying this tiny piece of hot dog bun back to the mound, let's just take it somewhere else and we can totally scarf on it and not do any work for the rest of our 60-90 day lives.

-I hate that big sneaker that ruins all of our hard work.

-Sometimes I feel like being able to carry 10-20 times my own weight is more of a curse than a blessing.

-Have you found Ant-Jesus?

-What do you like building more, tunnels or mounds? I'm more of a mound guy.

-Have you read Emergence by Steven Johnson? There's absolutely nothing in there about some ants becoming self aware, looks like our secret is safe... for now.

-Do we sleep?

-I wish some of you other ants were self aware, it's kind of lame being the only one.

-I'm in the mood for hot dog bun.

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