Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Student Film Endings

My Film Tech teacher says the most important part of any film is the ending, but I'm afraid that is the part I am having the most trouble with. Can you suggest some possible endings to my first student film please? - Ray (Yakima, WA)

List Generator:

-Girl realizes that the girl she has been suffocating with a pillow is actually... herself.

-Homeless man takes off his ratty coat revealing he's actually a nicely dressed business man.

-Guy overdoses.

-A couple seconds after the girl is sucked into the computer, another girl sits down at the computer and the words "Hello Lisa" appear on the monitor, implying that the whole process is about to go down again.

-Man realizes that he is the homeless man that warned him at the beginning of the film.

-Woman shakes man awake and he realizes he hasn't actually interviewed for the job yet.


-Guy is now trapped in the mirror.

-Homeless woman takes the seeds that the little boy gave her and plants them.

-Painter paints himself dying and then dies.

-Girl throws the flower into the water.

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