Monday, February 2, 2009

Racehorse Names

Me and a few guys from the office decided we’re going to buy a racehorse. Since I know absolutely nothing about horses they’re taking care of all the heavy lifting and have charged me with coming up with a name. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a namer as it turns out either. Can you suggest some racehorse names? – Duncan (Ironville, PA)

List Generated:

-Go Go Gadget Horse Legs

-Mr. Carrot Enjoyer

-Hip To Be Whipped

-Alex Trifecta

-Ponies Are Not “Baby Horses”, They’re Just Small Full Grown Horses

-Easter Bunny Jr.

-Happy Birthday Brian, You’re Our Favorite Grandson

-Injected With Extra Equine Hormones

-Big Smelly Teeth


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