Monday, February 23, 2009

Common Recurring Nightmares

Ever since I was little kid, I've had these recurring nightmares. I've always wondered if they were specific to me, or if other people got these too. Can you tell me some common recurring nightmares that people have? - Ronald (Goose Creek, SC)

List Generated:

-Mall security guard accuses you of stealing from Sunglass Hut even though you paid for sunglasses.

-Mother forces you to eat an entire chocolate cake while gym teacher forces you to do hundreds of pull ups.

-No matter what you do, helicopter won't start.

-Your home internet is going really slow, so all your teeth fall out.

-Salesman at Sunglass Hut turns into a cobra and bites your hand, forcing you to drop stolen sunglasses.

-You're the only person wearing a powder blue tuxedo at a ruby red tuxedo party.

-Fish monsters sitting at table next to you in the library won't shut up.

-Lettuce on ever growing sandwich is pretty soggy.

-Swimming from shark who's teeth are made out of stolen sunglasses.

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