Friday, February 20, 2009

Books About Making Independent Films

I've written this amazing film about a guy who works in a motel and lives in a competing motel and now I want to make it! There's a lot of books out there that supposedly have the answers to all of my big questions (raising money, how to be artistic, distribution, etc.). Which books will be most helpful? - Wilbur (Maynardville, TN)

List Generated:

-Be An Indie Film Rebel: Harnessing Your Heart's Rebel To Make An Indie Flick

-Take This Film and Shove/Sell It: The Rebel Producer's Guidebook

-A Camera, A Bleeding Heart & A Little Luck: Get Your Indie Film Made For A Dollar A Day

-Go Ahead, Make My Film: Stick It To The Man With These Rebellious Low Budget Filmmaking Techniques

-Learn From My Mistakes: A Filmmaker's Guide By Someone Who Never Got His Film Made :(

-Maverick's Guide To Making Your Film While Remaining True To Your Inner Rebel

-Budget Film Rebel's Chaperone

-Film Insurgent: Crashing The Hollywood Party With Your Dream Film

-The P.F.R. (Pocket Film Rebel)

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