Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prince Interview Pull Quotes

Sup, I write for Spin Magazine, maybe you’ve heard of it. Anyways, I interviewed Prince recently, went pretty rad. Cool guy, we hung out at his guitar shaped pool drinking smoothies, just sort of shooting it. Like I said, pretty rad right. Sup, anyways, I’m really tired and I need a nap bad, can you do the pull quotes of the interview for me, I’ll owe you. – Lars (Telegraph City, CA)

List Generated:

-“My upcoming album is a single 95-minute sex funk song about cumulous clouds. The working title is Sexy Funky Cumulous Clouds

-“I’ve always tried to avoid surfaces that aren’t covered with swan feathers.”

-"Only God can make a Prince song."

-“I guess the album in my discography I’m most proud of is the Batman soundtrack. That one-two punch of Partyman and Batdance, I’ve never topped it.”

-“Wait. So you're saying that I wrote Manic Monday?”

-“It’s not my pool that’s shaped like a guitar, it’s my guitar that is shaped like a pool.”

-“If I could time travel, I'd probably go to the future, get a swan feathered jet pack, then go give it to myself in 1981 for the Controversy tour.”

-“Wouldn’t it be amazing if rain was purple?”

-“I’ve been toying with changing my name into an origami swan.”

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