Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ways To Conserve Water

California is in the midst of an all out drought right now which means the price of water is most likely going to start going up. I want to do my part to conserve water, what are some easy ways I can cut down on my water consumption? - Andy (Kerman, CA)

List Generated:

-If you're feeling thirsty, chew some juicy bubble gum.

-Hand wash dishes with scolding hot water, it'll force you to hurry up.

-Bath your dog in Dr. Pepper, there's plenty of that.

-Just fill the shallow end of your swimming pool.

-When a recipe calls for water, ignore that part.

-Use one of those crappy sprinklers where the water barely dribbles out.

-When someone washes their hands in your home, stand a few feet away with your arms folded, shaking your head disapprovingly.

-Use less water.

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