Thursday, March 5, 2009

'60s Textbooks

I'm a set designer for a new sitcom that takes place in the
Berkeley Student Bookstore circa 1969, and I need to get my hands on a bunch of textbooks from the '60s. Can you tell me what some of the more widely published titles were? - Anna (Blue Mound, IL)

List Generated:

-A Journey Into Hippie Math

-Psychedelic Research Methods (3rd Edition)

-Statistics in the Age of Aquarius

-Wavy Gravonomics: Business Strategy In The Cosmic Giggle

-Student Pocket Helper: A Guide To Turning On, Tuning In and Dropping Ineffective Study Habits

-The New Oxford Triptionary

-Lucy In The Sky With An Introduction To Basic Algebraic Diamond Equations

-Making Acid

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