Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Songs Of The Roaring '20s

I heard a great song on the 1920s station on my satellite radio (The Roar), but by the time I looked at the satellite display, the song was over and I missed the title! Would you mind telling me some of the more popular tunes from that era? Maybe I can track it down that way. - Emma (Sugarville, UT)

List Generated:

-Stock Market Is A Boomin' (Knock On Wood, Knock On Wood) - Fancy Dave Wiemer & His Orchestra

-I'll Be Your Snugglepup (If You'll Be My Tomato) - Grubsteak Kippy & His Orchestra

-(I Love You For Your) Chin-Length Bobbed Haircut - Charlie Charleston & His Orchestra

-Never Won't Be Rich Rag - Flip Flapper & His Orchestra

-Perfect Life (No Foreseeable Troubles On The Horizon) - Foxtrot Hudson & His Orchestra

-Say Mr. Bootlegger (Pour Me Some Of That Noodle Juice) - Ankles Kimberly & His Orchestra

-Look At That GPD Line Climb Flap - Herbert Hoover & His Orchestra

-The Sun Also Swings - Calvin Whangdoodle & His Orchestra


  1. Good list, but I'm surprised "Monkey In The Round" by Sun Ra and his Arkestra (or whatever) didn't make the list.