Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pre-Civilization Barbarian Warlords

I have to write a stupid essay about olden times, when people ate raw meat with their bare hands and dueled with big sticks and stuff. One of the paragraphs has to be about the role that barbarian warlords played in the lives of people and stuff, but I can't find any good information on those guys. So what are some warlords? - Chase (Mammoth, AZ)

List Generated:

-Goblet The Pillager Of Flames

-Logan Beast Tooth

-Doctor Blood Throat*

-King Ostrich

-Chaaazzz The Ruler

-•ªª¶§•∞˙∆©©∂´ The Mentalist*


-Thomas of Hanks

-DJ Dystopian Noah's Arc*


* - Post-Civilization Barbarian Warlord

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