Friday, January 16, 2009

Resume Boosters

Just graduated from college and it's time for me to get a job. I don't have much real world experience outside of an internship for a small ad agency; and I didn't do much there besides answer the phones and make some copies. Can you help me bolster my resume with some creatively worded achievements? - Ingrid (Kokadjo, ME)

List Generated:

-Orchestrated the duplication of parking tickets, credit reports & Maxim articles for immediate supervisor.

-Conducted requests with custodial services in order to determine them where to clean up.

-Recruited self to accurate prioritization orgnizationalizing of menu book via alphanumeric filing system.

-Completed high impact internet research multitasking.

-Knowledgeable of valuable confidential documents stored in the Berger, Tazmania & Oaker third floor safe.

-Coordinated and managed myself in the handling of incoming & outgoing voice telemessages.

-Successfully utilized microwave, toaster oven & hot plate to develop the heating of various edibles.

-Facilitated the usage of action words to provide resume with the impression of professionalism.

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