Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beck Lyrics

I've always thought of Beck as a modern day Dylan, and when I told a friend of mine that he laughed and said that I was ridiculous. Can you generate a list of the Beck lyrics that will best convince my friend that Beck is a poetic genius. - Terry (Reform, OH)

List Generated:

-I get boogie woogie down like the speed of a bullet, talking to your mother from the side of my gullet.

-Hijack my breakfast from a diffident bird, eatin' my lunch dance while my speech is still slurred.

-You stole broken umbrellas, from my sister, keepin' tab-o-rellas on the sinister mister.

-Scu-ba diving in the oval office, I reform the kidneys like an old man novice.

-Slathering pudding in the swimming pool mansion, magician's headlights like a tan man face trance.

-A caterpillar mustache all over my body, a dollar off coupon on lobotomy haircuts.

-Cinderella, smellin' like garlic, smashin' and grabbin' at the pumpkin patch glass.

-Sandwich toppings, electric shockings, smell the alligator, it's a razor blade steroid.

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