Friday, January 9, 2009

Home Run Calls

Hey, I'm a radio broadcaster for the minor league baseball team the Hickory Crawdads. Over the years I've studied the greats in my profession, and the one thing they have in common is they all have amazing home run calls, (i.e. Harry Carry's "Hooooollllly Cow!"). I've been trying to develop my own, but it seems like all the good ones are taken. Do you know any good ones? - Deke (Hickory, NC)

List Generated:

-Hit hard! It coullllllllddddd beeeeeeee, JURASSIC PARK!!!!!

-Belted, looks like this BATapeller just became a BALLerfly!

-Do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior... YESSS!

-Le sloppy american frapper la balle de toutes ses forces! Gooooaaaalll!

-Red Bull gives you wings... Goodbye!

-Ground control to major ball! See ya!

-Yackity yack! This one's back! At the wall that is, well, actually over the wall. Excuse me for trying to make a rhyme, soorrrrry.

-Is there anything more beautiful in this otherwise meaningless existence?


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